Commercial Buildings

First impressions are everything


Restore your commercial building to a near-new condition


Recolour your commercial building and give it a new look

We believe you should pull up in the drive way to a home you are proud of. Restoring or recolouring your worn out garage door can be a quick and affordable way to give your home a new look.

Restore your commercial building

Our tinted clear-coat process will restore and protect your dull, faded, aluminium joinery to near-new condition.

We match the original paint colour of your garage door and add it to our solution in a unique process we call our ‘Tinted Clear-Coat’.

Recolour your commercial building

Recolour your outdated commercial buildingto give your home a new look.

Our expert team has the tools needed for a smooth and even finish and apply a protective coating to slow your paint from fading.

3-Steps To Restoring Your Commercial Building

1. Quote

Request a free quote via the online form or call 1800 441 000

2. Schedule

Pick a date and time that suits you best for our team to begin restoring your home

3. Admire

Take a step back and appreciate the beauty of your new building

Don't Replace Your Joinery.
Restore It.

Our promise to you...

100% Satisfaction

Or we'll do the job again, free of charge.

Workmanship guarantee

All work comes with a 5-year workmanship guarantee

Colour match

All recolouring jobs come with a perfect colour match

Expert Communication

From start to finish we'll keep you in the know

What you get

  • A deep clean of your garage door
  • Restoration of your commercial building using our tinted clear-coat solution, and/or recolouring to the colour of your choice
  • Clear coat protection to protect against oxidation
  • 5-year workmanship guarantee
  • A special ‘Thank you’ gift

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