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Give your home the makeover it needs


Restore your aluminium to a near-new condition


Modernise and tidy up your home with a splash of colour


Give your customers a great first-impressions

How to restore your faded garage door featured image

Garage Doors

How to restore your faded garage door featured image

Restore your garage door to near-new condition with our Tinted Restoration solution.

Recolour your garage door and give your home a new look without the expensive price tag.

Window and door frames

Window and door frames looking dull and old?

Restore your window and door frames to their original colour with our Tinted Restoration solution or Recolour your aluminium frames and give your home a new look.

Whole home painting

Whole Home

Whole home painting

Bring the life back into your home and revitalise the colour in your aluminium joinery.

From your garage doors, window frames, doors, and even the gutters. If it’s made of aluminium we can Restore and Recolour it.

Commercial buildings

An old, run-down looking building can influence the way customers perceive your business.

Restore or Recolour the aluminium on your building and improve your business reputation.

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