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Bringing new life to faded aluminium joinery


Restore your aluminium to a near-new condition


Protect your aluminium joinery from oxidisation


Comes with a 5-year workmanship guarantee


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We believe you should be proud of your home and not paranoid about what others think. Restoring or recolouring your faded and dull aluminium joinery can be a quick and affordable way to give your home the makeover it needs.

Does the joinery on your home look dull and worn out?

Has the colour faded from your garage door, windows, front doors and gutters?

Does your faded joinery make you embarrassed of the look of your home?

Are you wanting to change the colour of your existing joinery?

Do you get frustrated when people mention that your garage “could use a paint job”?

Don't Replace Your Joinery.
Restore It.

How to restore your faded garage door featured image

Garage Doors

How to restore your faded garage door featured image

Restore your garage door to new-near condition with our Tinted Restoration solution.

Recolour your garage door and give your home a new look without the expensive price tag.

Window and door frames

Window and door frames looking dull and old?

Restore your window and door frames to their original colour with our Tinted Restoration solution or Recolour your aluminium frames and give your home a new look.

Whole home painting

Whole Home

Whole home painting

Bring the life back into your home and revitalise the colour in your aluminium joinery.

From your garage doors, window frames, doors, and even the gutters. If it’s made of aluminium we can Restore and Recolour it.

Our expert team has restored hundreds of doors and window frames across New Zealand.

3-Steps To Restoring Your Joinery

1. Quote

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2. Schedule

Pick a date and time that suits you best for our team to begin restoring your home

3. Admire

Take a step back and appreciate the beauty of your new joinery

Come Home To The Best Looking House On The Street

Our promise to you...

100% Satisfaction

Or we'll do the job again, free of charge.

Workmanship guarantee

All work comes with a 5-year workmanship guarantee

Colour match

All recolouring jobs come with a perfect colour match

Expert Communication

From start to finish we'll keep you in the know

What you get

  • A deep clean of your aluminium joinery
  • Restoration of your joinery using our clear-coat solution, and/or recolouring of your joinery to the colour of your choice
  • Clear coat protection to protect against oxidation
  • 5-year workmanship guarantee

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Frequently asked questions

Skipped over the website did you?

We paint aluminium joinery. This will most likely be your garage door, window frames, and external doors.

Overtime, the paint on your aluminium joinery oxidises which gives it that faded, worn-out look. The alternative to repainting your garage door or window frames is to replace them, and this can cost a fortune! We can repainting your aluminium joinery at a fraction of the price.

Once you’ve chosen the colour you want to repaint your home, we will deep clean, sand, repaint, and apply a protective clear-coat to your aluminium joinery to make it look good as new.

We operate in Auckland, Waikato, and Bay of Plenty, to repaint residential homes, commercial and office buildings. But, if it’s made of aluminium, we can restore it.

Absolutely. This is our most sought after service. If it’s made of aluminium we can restore it. We repaint roller garage doors, sectional garage doors, and tilt or counterweight garage doors. We have repainted single and double garage doors. No door is too big or too small.

You can choose to either restore your garage to it’s original colour with our clear-coat solution, or pick a brand new colour. Does your garage door have rust? No problem. We will sand back the rust to prevent future rusting and apply a protective coat to stop the harsh effects of UV rays that makes your paint fade.


Sure you can. We have two solutions; restore or recolour 😉

If your aluminium is faded and worn-out, and just needs a touch up, you can restore it. In this instance, we will paint match your original colour, deep clean, sand back any rust or imperfections (if we need to), apply our tinted clear-coat solution, and clean again.

If you want a new look and want to repaint your aluminium joinery a different colour. We will get the paint colour of your choice, deep clean, sand back any rust or imperfections (if we need to), apply your new paint colour, apply a protective clear-coat and clean again.

We can restore your whole home to it’s original colour or recolour your home to match.

Each job is different depending on whether you would like a tinted clear-coat or a recolour solution. Also, the amount of rust damage or imperfections to be sanded back. Also, the size of the job.

Because of this, we offer free quotes and free visits to correctly quote your job. Just fill out the form above or call us on 0800 441 000

But, we can confidently say that it’s a lot cheaper than replacing your joinery.

We service Auckland, Waikato, and the Bay of Plenty.

However, we do have mobile teams that can travel across New Zealand. Ask for a free quote and let us know where you are located, and we’ll try our best to get a team to you.